Limit to number of widgets in GUI_CreateDialogBox?

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    • Hi,

      There is no limitation regarding the amount of widgets created indirectly (through the GUI_WIDGET_CREATE_INFO structure). I successfully created more than 120 widgets this way.

      The only limitation I can think of is the amount of RAM available.

      How much memory did you spend emWin?
      Does it solve the issue if you increase it?

    • Yep, that did it! The thought crossed my mind and I should have tried it before posting here but I suppose I am in a bit of denial over RAM usage. With FreeRTOS, emWin, and my app so far I have consumed 92% of the PSoC 5LP's available 64K DRAM. I really didn't want to face having to give more to emWin but there isn't a reasonable alternative at this point. Anyway, thanks for the help!