GUI_SPRITE_Show() displays wrong colors

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    • GUI_SPRITE_Show() displays wrong colors

      We are using Controller RT1051 (NXP) with Display driver UC1601.
      Therefore we choosed display driver GUIDRV_SPAGE_1C1 and color conversion GUICC_1 (NUM_BUFFERS = 1, NUM_VSCREENS = 1).

      If we now want to show a sprite with transparency, the transparency works, but the two colors of the sprite are doing wrong. On one hardware we get inverted colors, the next shows all white and the third one shows black. Each of the hardwares are programmed with the same hex-File.

      If I set breakpoint into PortAPI.pfWriteM8_A1, I can see, that there are wrong data in buffer.

      Version of emWin driver is (V5.38) (downloaded by NXP examples).

      I hope you can help me with my issue!

      Best regards

    • Hi Sven,
      I have created a short testproject for you, where the display shows black background and the sprite is drawn in the middle of the display. Attached there are also 3 pictures with 3 different prototypes which are drawing different pictures. Please note: I had to remove emWin_M4F.lib to ensure the maximum sizo of file isn't bigger than 1MB.
      Pic1 with white background (with white background there would be only a white screen) and the sprite showing in black color (transparency is shown correctly).
      Pic2 with black background and sprite is showing with inverted colors (there is also a mistake in transparency on the top half of the sprite).
      Pic3 with black background and the sprite is showing in white color (transparency liko on Pic2).

      I hope you can help me with my issue!
      Best regards,
      • Pic1.JPG

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      • Pic2.JPG

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      • Pic3.JPG

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    • Hi,

      Thanks for the hint. There was an issue with 1bpp bitmaps and sprites which is fixed now.

      I guess you are obtaining emWin through NXP. If that's the case you might try to use a 2bpp image instead. Unfortunately, there is no better workaround I can think of...

      If you have a valid emWin license we could offer you a fix.

      Please excuse any inconvenience caused by this.