GUI_BMP_Draw() emWin5.36 works but GUI_BMP_Draw() emWin5.46 not

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    • GUI_BMP_Draw() emWin5.36 works but GUI_BMP_Draw() emWin5.46 not

      Hello to all,

      With emWin 5.36, all works fine.
      However since we updated to emWin 5.46 the GUI_BMP_Draw() function does not display a bitmap correct anymore.
      It is gray with some blue curved lines in it.
      This is the source code of a callback function to draw the elements:

      void cbMsgBoxBack(WM_MESSAGE * pMsg) {
      u16 ScrWidth;
      switch (pMsg->MsgId) {
      case WM_PAINT:
      ScrWidth = InitMsgBox(pMsg);
      GUI_DispStringHCenterAt(strGet(Nach_MessFirst1_t), 60 + (ScrWidth-60)/2, 5);
      GUI_DispStringHCenterAt(strGet(Nach_MessFirst11_t), 60 + (ScrWidth-60)/2, 30);
      GUI_BMP_Draw(&_acM_Back, 5, 5);


      I have attached the original bitmap as well as the converted c-file using Bin2C - Converter (both files are in

      I would be very happy to know what we can to run the application also with emWin5.46 rather than stay with emWin5.36

      Thank you for your help

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