[SOLVED] RTT SVC feature proposal

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  • [SOLVED] RTT SVC feature proposal


    it would be useful if RTT may supports SVC calls to interrupt device application about availability of new host data in RTT down buffer.

    This allows reading host data from ISR without polling.

    SVC number could be configured using RTT control block. When SVC is raised, parameters (down buffer number) may be passed in registers or SVC should be configured only for one down buffer.

    From host point of view (host API) one should be able to control when SVC would be raised (i.e. flushing). This allows sending data one by one (useful for input consoles) or by data block (SVC then would be called when down buffer is full or at end of data).
    For backward compatibility without using new host API, SVC would be called as quickly as new data is available.
  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    RTT input handling needs to be processed by the target application. For this RTT_API function SEGGER_RTT_HasKey() can be used.
    An generic implementation over SVC is currently no planned and it is not clear if it would be technically possible in a generic way.

    Best regards,
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