[SOLVED] Programming connection to a PLC?

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  • [SOLVED] Programming connection to a PLC?


    I hope I'm in the correct part of this forum, because I have not the slightes idea ... which is part of the problem :P
    I'm "normally" a PLC programmer. And for a customer I have to download (I hope that is the correct term) programs into two different microcontrollers - PIC32MX170F256D, PIC32MX150F128D (probably important) - and a Flashchip(?) - IS25LQ040B.
    The program itself is provided by the customer, so I don't have to worry about that. But... how to do that with a PLC?

    For the Flash I found this Flasher ATE (segger.com/products/production…g-programmer-flasher-ate/). Here - as far as I understand - I could put the program into the board and with the digital inputs/outputs I could start the download into the Flash.

    But even if that is the thing I need I still have to deal with the microcontrollers, where I have no idea how to do that.
    Someone mentioned the J-Link Pro, because I have an ethernet connection and I/the PLC can send TCP-messages. But what to send? Some kind of command, that can start a download?

    Also I'm not 100% sure, but it could be, that it is not the same program all the time and I have to switch. Then, not even the digital connection to the Flasher ATE is enough. What to do...

    So basically "in short":
    PLC -> ? -> microcontroller
    What is the ? I need?

    Maybe someone can give me a tipp in the right direction or what things/manuals I should look at?! Would be great!
    Or is this something "bigger" I should discuss with the segger sales department?

    Thanks in advance for anything helpful!

  • Hello,

    for programming triggered by a PLC, we recommend using a Flasher. The Flasher has digital inputs as well as RS232 and Ethernet (simple terminal command interface).
    The J-Link cannot be used directly via TCP. A PC running Windows or Linux and our software library are required.

    For now, the Flashers do not have support for PIC32 and SPI-Flash in stand-alone mode. However, both are supported via PC utilities and support for Flashers can be
    added upon request.

    So, you have 2 options:
    1) PLC -> PC -> J-Link -> MCU (this should work out of the box)
    2) PLC -> Flasher -> MCU (this will require some development on our side, please contact sales department)