Embedded Studio 3.50 Segger Linker

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    • Embedded Studio 3.50 Segger Linker


      i tested the new Segger linker and there are two small problems

      1.) Stack memory is not shown graphically in the output window( with the GNU linker i see the stack memory at the end of the RAM)

      2.) no linker error when i use a undefined memory section ( char dummy__attribute__ ((section ("foox))) ), in this case variable dummy will be linked to normal RAM

      it would be nice, if you provide more detailed examples ...

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      Hello Mario,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      1: This is intended behaviour as stack and heap are not sections with symbols in them. Should you try to reserve to much memory for stack you will get the appropriate linker warning.
      EDIT: After further discussion with our Embedded Studio team, heap and stack will show on future version of ES again when using SEGGER Linker.

      2: This behaviour should be improved with our latest ES release V3.52. Could you give it a try? Do you still get no errors?

      Best regards,
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