[SOLVED] Text truncated in JLink dialogs

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  • [SOLVED] Text truncated in JLink dialogs


    I'm using Windows 7 with attached font configuration.
    All JLink dialogs have truncated texts as attached pictures.
    All colleagues of mine experiment the same problem.
    It has been always like that, not linked to the version I have installed on my machine.

    • disaply-smaller.png

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    • JLink-window-1.png

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    • JLink-window-2.png

      32.42 kB, 566×381, viewed 16 times
    • JLink-window-3.png

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    • JLink-window-4.png

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    • JLink-window-5.png

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    What resolution does your screen run on?
    Is it dual monitor or single?

    Best regards,
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  • Hi,

    I'm working with a laptop plus a stand-alone monitor.
    The laptop screen is turned off and working only with my big monitor (24" ratio 16:10).
    Resolution is 1920x1200. The same rendering appears on 1920x1080 (laptop display 16:9).
    Previously I was using a workstation (desktop) with one monitor. Same issue.
    My colleague, that has a bigger screen 2560x1440 (27" 16:9) sees the same dialogs.
    The display resolution seems not affecting the rendering.

    Thanks for looking at it