FontConverter V5.32 CAN NOT display some letter fully

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    • FontConverter V5.32 CAN NOT display some letter fully

      Hello , friends.

      i am facing a strange issue that the FontCvt V5.32 can not display some letters fully. As the attached picture shows, the buttom of some letters are missing in FontCvt V5.32, but these letters could be displayed fully in other application (FontCreater V11.0 from internet).

      is this a bug for FontCvt V5.32? Can someone help me out?

      thank you very much!
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    • Hello Sven,

      Thanks for your attention.
      I have attached the font file, but because of the maximum size limitation and file extention limitation , i have changed the names of these zip files. so please download all of them and modify the name manually as below: ===> ===> ===> ===>

      so you could unzip and get a TTF font file. this is what we used in our project.

      Thank you very much!

        (716.8 kB, downloaded 21 times, last: )

        (716.8 kB, downloaded 24 times, last: )

        (716.8 kB, downloaded 26 times, last: )

        (470.96 kB, downloaded 29 times, last: )
    • Hi,

      I tried to reproduce this, but on my end the font gets displayed well.

      But on my end the settings for 'Max Width' and 'Baseline' are different with the same heigth then yours (see image attached).

      Did you tried to use a more recent version?
      According to your license number you should have access to version 5.38 of the Font Converter.

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    • Hello Sven,

      Thanks for your time.
      As the differences shows , if the problem is caused by the "Max Width" and "Baseline", to my knowledge, these information is returned from OS API. then FontCvt would get different results in different windows system ?

      And i use Windows 7 ultimate Chinese version. Both v5.32 and v5.38 show the same result, as the attached picture shows. And Just now, i tried FontCvt v5.38 in a windows xp system, it get the same problem. For you reference, i have tried v5.40 and v5.44 demo version, all of them show the same problem.

      Would you please tell me what the operatiing system you are using ? If there is such one in our company, i would have a try.

      By the way, some other letters are even worse as the attached picture shows.

      If there is no better solution for this, i would have to modify these letters manually one by one in the FontCvt. you know that would be the last solution that no one would like to try.

      Have a nice day!
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    • Hi,

      this is interesting. You are right, the information we are using is coming from the operating system.

      I tested under Windows 7 and Windows 10, not sure how this type of Windows (Non-Chinese) is called but it would very kind if you give it a try on a non chinese Windows version. Unfortunately, we do not have a chinese Windows here.

    • Hello Sven,

      There is still No good news. Today, the IT guy in our company get a English version windows 7 installed in a computer, but finally we get the same problem, as the attached picture shows. and I have no idea.

      It's so obvious a problem, i think some one else must have met this kind of problem before. Maybe they get them done manually in the FontCvt.

      But we use several different font size, and around 10% of these glyphs are not complete, not only the latin letters, but many Chinese characters . So there are too many to modify manually for each one.

      So do you have some new ideas?

      I have a new idea, that maybe you could help to send me some .c files out of the ttf font ? Because it seems only in your computer, the FontCvt works fine with the font.
      If you agree, please help to generate .c files , with the ttf file in my previous thread, "Regular.ttf".

      Type of font to generate: Extended, antialiased, 4bpp
      Encoding: 16 Bit UNICODE

      Font : Normal
      Size : 18, 22, 26

      Unit of Size : Pixels

      Then there will be 3 .c files, in 3 different font size, namely size 18, size 22, and size 26.

      Please send them to my mail : .

      thank you very much!
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