[SOLVED] missing interrupt vector defines for SAME70 in

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  • [SOLVED] missing interrupt vector defines for SAME70 in

    Dear all,

    I just found out that some defines for interrupts are missing in the file ATSAME70Q21_Vectors.s. The missing vectors are right after the PWM1 vector that I kept here for better orientation where I think definitions are missing.

    PWM1_IRQn = 60, /**< 60 SAME70Q21 Pulse Width Modulation 1 (PWM1) */
    FPU_IRQn = 61, /**< 61 SAME70Q21 Floating Point Unit Registers (FPU) */
    SDRAMC_IRQn = 62, /**< 62 SAME70Q21 SDRAM Controller (SDRAMC) */
    RSWDT_IRQn = 63, /**< 63 SAME70Q21 Reinforced Safety Watchdog Timer (RSWDT) */
    CCW_IRQn = 64, /**< 64 SAME70Q21 System Control Registers (SystemControl) */
    CCF_IRQn = 65, /**< 65 SAME70Q21 System Control Registers (SystemControl) */
    GMAC_Q1_IRQn = 66, /**< 66 SAME70Q21 Gigabit Ethernet MAC (GMAC) */
    GMAC_Q2_IRQn = 67, /**< 67 SAME70Q21 Gigabit Ethernet MAC (GMAC) */
    IXC_IRQn = 68, /**< 68 SAME70Q21 Floating Point Unit Registers (FPU) */
    I2SC0_IRQn = 69, /**< 69 SAME70Q21 Inter-IC Sound Controller (I2SC0) */
    I2SC1_IRQn = 70, /**< 70 SAME70Q21 Inter-IC Sound Controller (I2SC1) */

    Is there a reason for this missing definitions. I'm using SES 3.5 and just created my project a few days ago. I also have installed the package v1.02 for SAME µC. So I think I'm up to date.
    I didn't check but I guess the definitions are also missing for all the derivatives of the SAME70

    Best Regards
  • Hello,

    The ES packages are based on the CMSIS packs that come from the vendors directly.
    So it is possible that there are sometimes mistakes in them. We will update the package accordingly.
    Sorry for any inconveniences caused.

    Best regards,
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