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    • Roadmap hardware J-Link EDU


      Hi, I have an old J-Link EDU V8 that I bought at the end of 2013. So it was my personal bad luck to get one of the latest V8. The V8 isn't usable for M4 or higher. That is not a real tragedy since my favorite dev-boards have a ST-Link or LPC-Link onboard which I can use for external targets. But it sucks a bit. Before I buy an actual J-Link EDU (Mini is no option for me!) I want to ask when the next hardwarelevel is scheduled. It's usually 2-3 years and V10 is in that age.
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      Thank you for your inquiry.
      Currently there are no plans to release a V11 J-Link hardware as the current V10 hardware version has still enough room for software feature upgrades.
      Examples from the last year would be Cortex-M23/M33 and RISC-V support.
      An overview of features and hardware revisions can be found here:

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