[SOLVED] Hard Fault when tracing with SystemView

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  • [SOLVED] Hard Fault when tracing with SystemView


    I got a problem with a STM32 TrueStudio project. When I debug it just in TrueStudio, the code is executing as it should. When I also start SystemView, I will run into a Hard Fault during execution (to sumarize the code: When I trigger a UI button event to output audio).

    I don't quote some code right now because I don't really know, what could cause this problem and where to look for the problem.
    I checked the settings in general in FreeRTOSConfig.h (e.g. increased configTOTAL_HEAP_SIZE, configMAX_TASK_NAME_LEN) but there was no obvious error in setup.

    Maybe somebody has any idea where I could find the reason for this error?

    You need more information?