custom touch panel with touch buttons - error in last post

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    • custom touch panel with touch buttons - error in last post

      Hi All,

      I have a situation where a custom touch panel extends beyond the area of the TFT (480x272) and has some touch
      buttons on it. The touch panel controller handles the GUI on the TFT and touch buttons on the touch panel via i2c. How do I use
      emWin to detect/read one of the touch buttons beyond the TFT when is touched. At this point I do not have a problem with
      the touch panel over the TFT and the GUI. What commands might I use?

    • Hi Swen,

      I am finally working on the screen I asked a question some months ago. Outside the area TFT area there are some touch buttons on the same touch surface as that on the TFT, the share same touch screen controller. I detect touches on the TFT area and the touch buttons. The touch response from the buttons is fixed, the touch controller returns x and y values. I need to turn these x and y coordinates detected in the events I can act upon, I am not sure how to use GUI_StoreKeyMsg().

      Kind Regards

    • Hi Sven/technical support,

      Thinking about it further, in my touch screen controller code, where I pass information to (GUI_PID)_STATE TS_State,
      can I assign an arbitrary code to the custom touch button detect (via it's coordinate) and send it to GUI_StoreKeyMsg().

      Kind Regards