Only "GUI_DispStringAt" function is not working.

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  • Only "GUI_DispStringAt" function is not working.

    Hi everyone,
    First of all I am just a beginner in this field. I have this custom built board of "STM32746" chip. Now I am facing this issue where I can show Bitmap images and I can draw circles or rectangles or lines with GUI_Draw functions but only the texts are not shown on the display. I tried with custom built fonts and default fonts. There is no compile time error. But the text simply not visible on the screen. Does any one know where should I look for the problem or why this happening? And.. How do we calculate required frame buffer? For each layer do we need to allocate different frame buffer? My LCD is of resolution 320*240 pixels.Yes SD ram is present but the frame buffer starting address is not the beginning address, beginning address(0xC000 0000) is used for LCD buffer. There is this custom made function user to copy data from GUI frame buffer to LCD buffer. Does anybody have a clue? Thanks in advance.