[SOLVED] J-Link Pro internal GDB server strange output / unable to use

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  • [SOLVED] J-Link Pro internal GDB server strange output / unable to use

    Hello, I have an issue to use GDB server in the J-Link Pro.

    I'm using Atollic True Studio 9.0.1 to connect to J-Link Pro

    I able to use debugger when use local GDB server and USB connection or using j-link GDB server APP on my PC and TCP connection in it.

    But, when I try to use ETHERNET connection:

    I able to connect to J-Link via Commander app:

    DHCP assigned network configuration
    USB-Address: 0
    Enum. type: Real-SN is used
    KS-Power: Off (Default)
    DHCP assigned network configuration
    MAC-Addr: 00:22:C7:07:10:AF (Default)
    Firmware: J-Link Pro V4 compiled Apr 20 2018 16:46:30
    Hardware: V4.00

    The Output inside IDE:

    Failed to execute MI command:
    target extended-remote

    Error message from debugger back end:
    Bogus trace status reply from target: timeout

    The output of arb-attolic-eabi-gdb.exe:

    (gdb) target remote
    Remote debugging using
    Ignoring packet error, continuing...
    warning: unrecognized item "timeout" in "qSupported" response
    Ignoring packet error, continuing...
    Ignoring packet error, continuing...
    Bogus trace status reply from target: timeout

    Should I add some additional initialization or it is same issue as described in:
    J-Link GDB Server - Connection closed! ??

    Or I just miss some page in user manual?

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  • If I correctly understand the manual, the ETHERNET connection works only with SEGGER GDB server.

    5.4 FAQs
    Q: How can I use J-Link with GDB and Ethernet?
    A: You have to use the J-Link GDB Server in order to connect to J-Link via GDB andEthernet.

    Is there a possibility by default use ETHERNET interface instead of USB? Or, is there a way(eclipse plugin?) how to provoke IDE use TCP connection by default?
  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    The J-Link GDB Server generally supports Ethernet connection to J-Link.
    However this feature must be implemented by the IDE/Plug-In you are using.
    In case of True Studio it seems that this is not supported.
    Please understand that there is not much we can do here as TrueStudio is not our software so we can't add features to it.
    We suggest contacting Atollic/ST support in that regard to add Ethernet Support for J-Links as well.

    Alternatively we suggest using either our IDE Embedded Studio or our tool chain independent debug software Ozone both have Ethernet support.

    Best regards,
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