[ABANDONED] j-Link Commander fails to read system register on i.mx6

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  • [ABANDONED] j-Link Commander fails to read system register on i.mx6


    I have a i.mx6 controller (MCIMX6D6A), which crashes at some point. After the creash happens, I want to connect to on it and read some system regs (MPCore to get exception or other fault behavior)
    Jlink connects, i can read the CPU register and RAM address space. However when I read hardware regs, it fails

    Source Code

    1. J-Link>mem 0x02160000 4
    2. Could not read memory
    I'm using J-Link Commander V6.32g with a J-Link hardware version 8.0

    • Jlink.log

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  • Hello John,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    The J-Link V8 does not support Cortex-A9 debugging. More information can be found here: wiki.segger.com/Software_and_H…J-Link_PLUS.2C_J-Link_EDU
    So if connect is working then only by chance as it is not intended.

    We suggest making use of our trade-in program to get a current J-Link model: segger.com/purchase/trade-in-program/

    Best regards,
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  • Hello Nino,

    Sorry for the late reply, E-Mail notifcations wasn't set.
    I borrowed a J-Link base version 10.1 from a colleague and repeated my steps.

    I got the same result.

    Am I doing something wrong? Are the Registers mapped to a different address, do I have to run some script or do I only get the system address space when I'm in a debugging eviroment?

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