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      Hi ,

      I have to create three pages using emWin. For that I created three windows.

      1. First Window has my company logo : Here I used the image widget and the display is working totally fine

      2. Second Window has three columns with three different colours which will display dynamic data: Here I used three text boxes . Set the text box colours accordingly.

      3. Third Window has a string to display

      When I switch from the first window to another , the patches of the LOGO is visible and the columns dont have a clean border .

      I tried hiding the first window and widget[image] but it didnt work.

      Also I tried below code :


      This one also didnt work.

      Any help would be appreciated
    • Hi,

      Not sure why it is not working on your side. Attached is a very simple example which shows how you could do it. It isn't that colorful but should give you an idea on how to approach.

      With the Window Manager you could also use WM_MULTIBUF_Enable(1) to enable automatic use of multi buffering. Please be aware that multi buffering is only available when using the GUIDRV_Lin driver and that it has to be implemented in the LCDConf.c.

      If you are using a driver with an indirect interface (e.g. GUIDRV_FlexColor) multibuffering is not available. In this case you should use a cached version of the driver.