[SOLVED] jLinkSWOViewerCL and line-endings

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  • [SOLVED] jLinkSWOViewerCL and line-endings

    Having got SWO viewer working sweetly, I have one additional question: what does jLinkSWOViewerCL (V632a) need to form a line ending? I ask because I am sending a string with a CR and LF ending but in SWO Viewer the CR and LF characters effectively disappear. So in jLinkSWOViewerCL, sending printf("Hello world %d.\r\n"), x) in a loop, I get:

    Hello world 0.Hello world 1.Hello world 2.

    ...while in GDB (which I think is interpreting both CR and LF as line endings) I get:

    Hello world 0.

    Hello world 1.

    Hello world 2.

    What do I need to send to get line endings to appear in jLinkSWOViewerCL?
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