Switch from DIALOG to using Graphic APIs only?

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    • Switch from DIALOG to using Graphic APIs only?

      Say, there're two different screens: one use DIALOG, another simply draw in the WM_HBWIN using Graphic APIs only.
      Then there's a requirement to jump from one screen to another.

      Currently, I did the job as steps:
      1) GUI_EndDialog()
      2) GUI_Exit()
      3) GUI_Init()

      But it seems too heavy.
      Is there a light way to Switch from DIALOG to using Graphic APIs only?
    • Hi,

      You could set a callback function for the WM_HBKWIN. Within this callback you can use the standard graphics API (just like in any other callback).

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    • Hello Sven,

      Yes, you're right. That can do the job.

      But, there's no callback for WM_HBKWIN at all.
      To be honest, there're only lots of functions calling graphic APIs.
      And they do not need redraw.

      I tried the steps:
      1) GUI_EndDialog()
      2) WM_MULTIBUF_Enable(OFF)
      3) WM_DisableMemdev(WM_HBKWIN)
      4) Make sure iMX 7 eLCDIF using the buffer emWin drawing to
      5) Terminate task of main UI
      6) Task of test UI running
      7) The drawing of first calling of graphic APIs causes error

      To the point, a simple question:
      How to let emWin be the status just after calling GUI_Init(), without calling GUI_Exit()+GUI_Init()?

      Best regards,