[SOLVED] Multicore Debugging with Ozone ?

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  • [SOLVED] Multicore Debugging with Ozone ?

    Hi there,

    since the manual of ozone does not say anything about it, i assume that it is not possible with ozone to be attached to two different cores at the same time. Am i right ? I just want to be sure if this is possible or not. Can i start multiple instances of Ozone ? with different configured projects ?
    In my work with the LPC4370 with 3 MCU it is very helpful to attach to all 3 cores simultaneously with Gdb through different ports on the Gdb-Server.

    If its not possible with Ozone. Is it planned to integrate multicore support in the future ?

  • Hello Hans,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    Ozone does support multi-core debugging. For each core a new Ozone Instance with a different project must be launched. Attaching also works.
    Any synchronization between the cores for halts etc. is not done automatically and must be taken care of by the user.

    Best regards,
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