[SOLVED] Send data to debugger and JLinkSWOViewer alternative

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  • [SOLVED] Send data to debugger and JLinkSWOViewer alternative

    Hello Segger support,

    I am having the following issue: I am using J-Link Pro debugger with LPC4357 microcontroller with CMSIS library,
    there are 3 functions: ITM_SendChar, ITM_ReceiveChar and ITM_CheckChar for the debug interface, I have tried to use ITM_SendChar and it work perfect, I open JLinkSWOViewer.exe program and abble to see the output.

    It means that I am getting data from the microcontroller to PC, and now I would like to send a char in the opposite direction - from PC to microcontroller and to use ITM_ReceiveChar and ITM_CheckChar functions to read that char. How can it be done?

    And the second question is regarding JLinkSWOViewer.exe application. Can I build my own program to parse an output without buying of any extra SDK's? Bcos I need to analyze the data which were received over the debug interface?

    Best regards,
    Andrii Mazur
  • Hello Andrii,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    SWO (Serial Wire Output) is as the name already suggest only an output. So you can use it to send data in.
    If you are looking for sending data and receiving data from the target we recommend using RTT instead: segger.com/products/debug-prob…about-real-time-transfer/

    Best regards,
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