[SOLVED] Headless Toolchain

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  • [SOLVED] Headless Toolchain

    We're using SEGGER Embedded Studio with a Nordic Semiconductor SDK and just getting our feet wet. One of my tasks is to get Continuous Integration builds enabled for this project.

    In my previous experience with Atmel Studio I was able to download the headless toolchain to install in a Docker container (and then had to hack up a build script).

    So far, I can't find a way to download the toolchain that comes with SES for Linux (64-bit) separately from attempting to install the entire SES via graphical means (which is, of course, counter to being "headless").

    Any guidance here on tackling this project?

    - Paul Braman, The Nielsen Company
  • Hello Paul,

    Embedded Studio currently does not have a headless mode for the installer.
    It is on our ToDo and it is planned to be implemented for future versions.
    A fixed time frame is not set right now.

    Best regards,
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