[ABANDONED] SystemView on STM32F779 not connecting with SWD but only JTAG

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  • [ABANDONED] SystemView on STM32F779 not connecting with SWD but only JTAG


    I am running a SystemView patched FreeRTOS 10 on the STM32F779-EVAL board using the J-Link Plus and Eclipse to debug. My problem is that SystemView is connecting rather irregularly and cannot be started with SWD interface. Let me try to explain.

    From Eclipse I can debug my code just fine and see the outputs using J-Link RTT Client using SWD as interface. When I start SystemView and press record I get the error:

    "Failed to start recording"
    "Could not connect"

    If I do the same but using JTAG as interface for Eclipse and SystemViewer, it works just fine.

    The odd thing is if I then close the Eclipse debug session, and switch the interface to SWD, SystemViewer now works using SWD.

    It seems like I have to run a JTAG session first before I can run a SWD session. Any ideas what could cause the connection problems using SystemViewer and SWD?


    Windows 7
    Eclipse Mars.2
    FreeRTOS 10
    J-Link v. 6.32d
    SystemView v. 2.52a

    Best Regards,
  • Hello Ulrich,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    Could you provide us with a J-Link log file of such a session where connect with SWD fails?

    Best regards,
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