[ABANDONED] ozone: how to load debug symbol files without uploading to target

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  • [ABANDONED] ozone: how to load debug symbol files without uploading to target

    How can I do this : I want to load symbols _only_ for debugging , without programming target / any code upload?

    So in essence the target is running already with debug code on, I just want to attach to it, using a fix hard memory location. I can setup and break at the right place, but cannot figure out how to upload symbols only with Ozone..

    (So what I want is what GDB does with symbol-file ... bla location )
  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    This can be done using function File.Load().
    Attached you will find an example project.
    The steps to achieve this are:

    - In OnProjectLoad() you set the BP at a valid source location.
    - Then use Break.SetCommand to set a function that shall be executed when the BP is hit.
    - Create that function and call File.Load() with the elf file and the location where to download the application to.
    - Now start Ozone
    - Select Attach to running program
    - Now your application should halt at the BP and the debug symbols will be loaded.
    - J-Link will check if the application is equal to the application running in the MCU. If it is equal no download will be triggered.

    Does that work for you?

    EDIT: Thread was reopened on 30. August 2018 on OPs request.

    Best regards,
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