[SOLVED] J-Link does not set the StackPointer

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  • [SOLVED] J-Link does not set the StackPointer

    Hi there,

    i currently work with an iMX6SX. I already read in some threads here, that the DAP is not correctly implemented from NXP/Freescale so you cannot load code to the M4 with the J-Link probe directly.
    So i have a small A9-Boot program which i load via gdb, which enables the M4 core and load a minimal program which directly hits a wfi so that the processor remains in a valid state until i load the real application to the M4 core.
    The gdb and j-link are correctly loading the program and it starts correctly and my reset_isr which is the second value in the VectorTable.

    I now recognized that PC is loaded correctly but the SP is not loaded with the correct value from the first position of the VectorTable. I would expect that the debugger would do this for me or am i wrong here ?

    I am using a J-Link plus and newest J-Link software 6.32e

  • Hello Hans,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    J-Link sets only SP and PC manually if the IDE or debug software that you use tells J-Link to set it.
    Otherwise J-Link will not do anything automatically.

    Which debug software are you using in your setup?
    We recommend using the Ozone debugger: segger.com/products/development-tools/ozone-j-link-debugger/
    It is multi-platform, can be used with J-Link Plus or higher and supports all J-Link debug features.
    Ozone can also work with numerous output formats from the most popular tool chains on the market.

    Best regards,
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  • Hi Nino,

    sorry my notification settings were not set anymore. I am using the GNU Arm Eclipse tools at the moment for debugging. I will have a close look at OZone.
    I use a small piece of assembler code at the moment to set the SP at the beginning of my ResetISR.

    Thanks for the answer i might forward this to the GNU Arm guys.