[SOLVED] Using OpenOCD and Ozone on the same JTAG chain

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  • [SOLVED] Using OpenOCD and Ozone on the same JTAG chain


    I have a J-Link Plus that I use for debugging. I'm about to start working on a board which has 2x ARM micros and an ESP32 and I'd like to put them all on the same JTAG chain. I like using Ozone, and the ARM cores debug fine inside this. However, Espressif only supports OpenOCD for the ESP32 (but it does work with the J-Link, at least when it is the only device on the bus). Is it possible to use OpenOCD and Ozone at the same time, or are these options mutually exclusive?

  • Hi Jeremy,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    Ozone and OpenOCD are mutually exclusive.

    Best regards,
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