Pre-build command is not called if Project is compiled as a dependend from an other one within a Solution

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    • Pre-build command is not called if Project is compiled as a dependend from an other one within a Solution


      got the following problem:
      Within a Solution is a library project and an executable project (SES3.40 for ARM)
      The library is set as a dependency (Common/Code/Build/Project Dependencies) in the executable project.
      The library has a pre-build command (for setting SVN-Version in Code) which is set to 'Always Run' (Common/Code/User Build Step/Pre-Build Command...)
      The command is called, if the Project is compiled directely, but not if compiled via '(Re)build Solution' or '(Re)build' on the executable Project

      Do I miss something or is it a BUG?

    • Hello Marc,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      We tried to reproduce the behaviour by calling a CL tool as a pre-build command.
      In our setup it got called each time a build or rebuild of the project was issued.
      When using solution rebuild, did you kake sure that the pre-build command is also set on solution level not only project level?
      Could you provide us with your .emProject file so we can take a look at your project settings to make sure there is no issue there?

      Best regards,
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    • Hi Nino,

      thanks for checking the issue. Maybe I stated the problem not clearly enough: building the projekt for the library containing the script is working all the time: the script is called. But if this library project is started as a dependency from another project the script is not called. Using build project for the executable which has the library as a dependency starts the build for the library but the script is not called...
      For reproducing you need two projects in the solution where one is dependend from the other. the dependend project should have a prebuild command...

      Can you try it again?
      Thanks a lot