[SOLVED] Undefined Reference to FS_Init

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    • [SOLVED] Undefined Reference to FS_Init


      I am new to using emFile, and I would like to integrate it to an existing project that uses embOS.
      Before adding it to my project I decided to add it to a simple Hello World project, but I am unable to build it because the compiler cannot find the definition of several functions such as FS_init, FS_FormatLLIfRequired, FS_IsHLFormatted, etc...
      I believe those are part of the precompiled library that came with emFile, but for some reason cannot be accessed.
      Those are the steps that I followed:
      • Download emFile_Trial_V404f
      • Create a Hello World project in SES
      • Add the following folders from emFile to my working directory: Application, Config, FS, Sample, SEGGER.
      • Add the files with the same folder structure to my project
      • Include the paths for the directories and sub-directories by editing the options of my project in SES
      • Exclude the folder 'Sample' from the build
      • Exclude default 'main.c' file containing the "hello world" code
      • Build in Release mode
      Am I correct in assuming that the undefined functions are in fact defined in the .lib files (libFS_d_trial.lib or libFS_r_trial.lib) ?
      The user guide seems to reference a different emFile library with different folders. For example, I do not have the Sample/FS/Driver/RAM folder. Am I missing something or is there another guide, other than the one included in the emFile_Trial_V404f that matches the files that I have?

      I attached a screenshot showing what my project looks like as well as the error that I am seeing.
      Any help would be gladly appreciated, thank you!
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    • Hi,

      The libraries found in the emFile_Trial_V404f.zip archive can be used only on Windows.
      You can used this trial package to test the file system on a Windows PC as described
      in the section "2.2 Using the Windows sample" of the emFile manual.

      If you want to test emFile on a target hardware you will have to use the emFile libraries
      that come with one of the evaluation software packages available from here:

      I am not sure what CPU you are using but if it is a Cortex-M type you can use the emFile
      libraries found in the evaluation software package for SEGGER emPower board:

      Best regards,