[SOLVED] USBH MSD sample application (GNURX compiled with e2studio IDE) for RX63N - PnP notification does not occur

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  • [SOLVED] USBH MSD sample application (GNURX compiled with e2studio IDE) for RX63N - PnP notification does not occur

    We are experimenting with the USBH MSD sample application for our RX63N MCU for one of our embedded projects. We are using an embOS RTOS environment. The application is compiled with the GNURX tool chain.

    As per the user manual for emUSBH 1.14b, the OS_USBH_MSD.c file illustrates MSD functionality by writing a test file onto the USB stick's root directory.

    The following are the projectsdetails:

    emUSBH version: 1.14b
    embOS version: 3.88
    emFile version: v334a

    Debug environment: e2studio + GDB

    I created a GNURX project in e2studio with the OS_USBH_MSD.c file and the related dependencies from emfile and embOS and I also configured the relocatable vector interrupt table to suit the USB interrupt handling for RX63N.

    The observation was that, on connecting the USB stick (Transcend), the USB interrupt occurs as expected, as shown below.

    The USBH_MSD_Init() which is called from the OS_USBH_MSD.c sample, successfully registers the PnP notification as shown below.

    The callback _cbOnAddRemoveDevice in OS_USBH_MSD.c is as below,

    But the PnP notification does not occur, and the callback ‘_cbOnAddRemoveDevice’ is never called as there is no PnP notification when a USB stick (Transcend) is connected.

    It will be helpful to understand why the GNURX sample application does not get a USB add device PnP notification? And the points to be taken care while debugging this.

    We are having a critical requirement to make the GNURX compiled USB Host stack to be fully functional. Any leads would be very much appreciated.

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