[SOLVED] Get the SWO debug output thought COM port

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  • [SOLVED] Get the SWO debug output thought COM port

    Hello Segger users,

    I have a following issue. I have a j-link pro debugger and LPC4357 microcontroller. I would like to get a debug output in a run-time, so it was decided to use SWO debug, when I execute "JLinkSWOViewer.exe" application I can observe the data what was sent by MC. My question is, is there a change to get the same data via VCOM port? I open a COM port of j-link debugger, send some configuration and poll the necessary data?

    Best regards,
    Andrii Mazur
  • Hello Andrii,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    SWO and data over VCOM are two completely separate things.
    SWO is hardware implemented so all data handling is done on the target hardware and send out via the SWO pin.
    To send data over the VCOm port usually an UART on the target device is used which needs to be implemented by the user.

    What might work is to connect the SWo signal of the target to the Rx pin of VCOM. Now you should be able to see data coming on the VCOM terminal. However you must have a terminal that supports the SWO protocol otherwise you will get only gibberish.

    For SWO we generally recommend simply using the SWO pin.
    If you want to use VCOM we recommend using an UART and implementing the protocol in you software.

    Best regards,
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