J-link Virtual Com port doesn't work

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    • J-link Virtual Com port doesn't work


      I recently started working with the Jlink Edu. I need the Vcom port but it doensn't seem to work.
      I have read the manual and another post regarding the isssue but it doensn't seem to do anything.
      I can initialize the port using the conigurater or the commander. I also see the port in my devices under windows.
      But when i connect pin 5 to 17 and send some data nothing seems to happen.

      When i use HTerm to connect i take a baut rate of 38400 but i also tried other speeds.
      There are no problems connecting to the device, but i dont see the data i send comming back.

      I will put some screenshots to clarify.

      Thanks in advance
      • port.PNG

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      • command screen.PNG

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    • Hello,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      To be able to use J-Link's VCOM port J-Link needs to know the voltage level of the high and low levels it can use.
      For this VTref and GND must be connected.
      More information can be found here: wiki.segger.com/Using_J-Link_V…M_functionality_and_speed
      Attached is the output of a successful test.
      The test can easily be replicated using our measurement adapter: segger.com/products/debug-prob…easurement-patch-adapter/

      Best regards,
      • Capture.PNG

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