[SOLVED] Renesas RZA1 enabling MMU affects SPI multi I/O registers

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  • [SOLVED] Renesas RZA1 enabling MMU affects SPI multi I/O registers


    We are currently using embOS v4.16 for ARM in an IAR EWARM environment, with the target being a Renesas RZA1H processor.

    In the file rtosinit_R7S72100.c, in the call to __low_level_init() ,if I
    enable the SPI Multi I/O bus controller, add the MMU entries to the translation
    table and then call OS_ARM_MMU_Enable(_TranslationTable) I've found that the
    registers for the SPI Multi I/O become unavailable.

    I have attached 2 images to show the registers before and after enabling the MMU.

  • HI Allan,

    I just did a quick test with a memory window and it looks ok.
    The SPI multi I/O BUS space 1 is at physical address 0x18000000 and is mapped to the same virtual address 0x18000000.
    The cache setting for this memory region is set to write through. The cache settings respectively the complete MMU table depends on your needs,
    so you might want to use strongly ordered instead of write through which would be OS_ARM_CACHEMODE_NC_NB.

    You are still in support, thus please don't hesitate to contact the embOS support directly by email.

    Best regards,
  • The IAR device definition file uses addresses at 0x3FEFA000:

    C Source Code

    1. ;
    2. ; SPIBSC ch.0 (SPI with I/O Bus Controller channel 0)
    3. ;
    4. ; Name Zone Address Bytesize Displaybase Bitrange
    5. ; ---- ---- ------- -------- ----------- --------
    6. sfr = "SPIBSC_CMNCR_0" , "Memory", 0x3FEFA000, 4, base=16
    7. sfr = "SPIBSC_CMNCR_0.BSZ" , "Memory", 0x3FEFA000, 4, base=16, bitRange=0-1
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    This memory region is not mapped per default in our MMU table.
    But you can easily add an according entry to it:
    OS_ARM_MMU_AddTTEntries(_TranslationTable, OS_ARM_CACHEMODE_NC_NB, 0x3FE, 0x3FE, 0x001); // IO Area

    Please note you have to reduce the previous section size accordingly:
    OS_ARM_MMU_AddTTEntries(_TranslationTable, OS_ARM_CACHEMODE_ILLEGAL, 0x214, 0x214, 0x1EA); // Reserved area

    In case of doubt I can also send you a complete project. But for that please contact our embOS support per email.
    Please find the embOS support email address in the embOS manual in chapter "Support".

    Does that solve your issue?

    Best regards,