how to decode jpeg and png respectively same time in two tasks

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    • how to decode jpeg and png respectively same time in two tasks

      Dear sirs
      i am using nxplpc54608 for my project. My project is used to display some business pictures and advertising pictures. Because of the lack of storage devices (only 16MB). So our business image is overlaid with a png icon and a jpg background image, and the ad image is jpg.
      My environment is: FreeRTOS + emwin(5.38) + pnglib(V538)

      I created two tasks:
      1. Used to receive play tasks, including advertisements and business photos. When an advertisement picture is to be played, a message is simultaneously sent to

      another task to pre-decode the next advertisement picture to be played. Decoding png is needed when playing business pictures, then superimposed with the background picture
      and displayed.
      2. Used to Pre-decode for advertising pictures (jpg). After the decoding is completed, the message is sent to the playing task and is waiting to be played.

      my question:
      When the pre-decoded task is being decoded, the business image needs to be played. At this time, when the service image is need to playe, an error occurs。

      like the attachment pic.

      and can i use emwin like this: create two tasks, one for png decode and another for jpg decode.


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