[SOLVED] problem getting RTT working with STM32H743ZI and Ultra+

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  • [SOLVED] problem getting RTT working with STM32H743ZI and Ultra+

    I'm trying to get RTT working on an STM32H743ZI and it doesn't log to terminal window and I can't get the J-Link RTT viewer to find the RTT control block in my CPU memory.

    I'm using J-Link V6.22f with an Ultra+

    I first tried to call SEGGER_RTT_WriteString, which setup the signature block. I connected RTT viewer, and log another SEGGER_RTT_WriteString, but no output to the Terminal window.

    The menu Logging / Channel Infos says "RTT control block not found on target, yet."

    I manually use J-Mem to find the RTT control block at 0x200196a4. I disconnect the RTT viewer and reconnect, but this time specifying the RTT control block at this memory. It connects properly, but the "Logging / Channel Infos" says the same thing and no logging goes to the terminal window.


    Thanks...Keith Rhodes
  • Hello,

    Great to hear that you are up and running again.
    Generally we recommend using the latest J-Link software to have all new features and benefits of our regularly updated software.
    We will consider this thread as solved now.

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