[ABANDONED] Incorrect IPSR value reported for ATSAME70Q21

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  • [ABANDONED] Incorrect IPSR value reported for ATSAME70Q21


    It appears that JLinkExe reports the incorrect value for IPSR when debugging an ATSAME70Q21 over SWD. In my case, I have halted execution in an ISR with exception # 0x27. When I halt, the value of XPSR is displayed by the JLink software as 0x21000027, but IPSR is displayed as 0x007 (Reserved). Based on the value of XPSR, IPSR should indicate 0x0027.

    Details of setup:

    Segger JLink Pro v4 compiled Feb 16 2018 13:04:59
    Hardware V4.00

    Segger J-Link Commander v6.30d
    DLL Version V6.30d

    Host machine: Ubuntu 16.04.1
  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    Such an issue is not known to us.
    Are you debugging custom hardware or an eval board?
    Could you provide us with a reproduction scenario?

    Best regards,
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