TSC2003 touchscreen driver

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    • TSC2003 touchscreen driver


      i am working with STEMWIN. i have LCD having TSC2003 touch driver. i went through the manual of "STEMWIN540 Setting up the analog touch screen driver" section where it talks about how to setup the driver.

      i am looking for sample code for these functions GUI_TOUCH_X_ActivateX(), GUI_TOUCH_X_ActivateY()
      GUI_TOUCH_X_MeasureX(), GUI_TOUCH_X_MeasureY(). i independently could test TSC2003 where using I2C i can get the ADC values.

      i would like to know how to implement these GUI_TOUCH_X_ActivateX(), GUI_TOUCH_X_ActivateY()GUI_TOUCH_X_MeasureX(), GUI_TOUCH_X_MeasureY() functions where these function will return the same ADC values read through I2C from TSC2003 and the values will be used by STEMWIN.
    • Hello,

      i followed the " Setting up the analog touch screen" section in emwin manual and made ready the GUI_TOUCH_X_ActivateX(), GUI_TOUCH_X_ActivateY() GUI_TOUCH_X_MeasureX(), GUI_TOUCH_X_MeasureY() functions. i am calling GUI_TOUCH_Exec() periodically in a timer. when i use TOUCH_Sample.c to findout the minimum and maximum values of the A/D converter while touching the cursor the cursor moves away to someother location. its pointing some other coordinates everytime i touch and not pointing as per expectation. i Also looked into TOUCH orientation where i tried to mirror X & y axis and swap them but still the result is not as per expectation, kindly suggest what i am missing.

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