flicker issue

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    • flicker issue


      i am using STEMWIN on stm32f769bit6. i generated one dialog using GUIBuilder and created text, graph widgets etc on it.
      i am regularly updating the TEXT box in one of the task and calling GUI_Exec after that. i have enabled usage of memory device but still i could notice flicker. plz let me know whether i am using it properly??
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    • Hi,

      to avoid flickering we recommend to use multi buffering.

      Just call WM_MULTIBUF_Enable(1) right after GUI_Init(). Of course, this requires emWin to be configured to use multiple buffers, but in the LCDConf.c coming from ST this should be done already.

      The use of memory devices can help a little bit against flickering but is not as good as multibuffering. With memory devices only one window will get buffered and not the entire screen. If there is not enough memory available to create a memory device for a whole window only small devices will be created and only small parts of the window will be drawn. if this happens there will be no advantage of using memory devices.

    • hello Sven,

      Thankyou for replying back. i used memdevice and i could see minimal flickering but when i use multibuffering i observed more flicker compare to the previous one.
      can you please elaborate that for multibuffering do i have to enable both the layers 0 & 1 ?? also i would like to know how to utilize GUIDRV_LIN_32 & GUICC_M8888 in my present case coz when i use this driver the LCD not at all works only i could work in GUIDRV_LIN_16 & GUICC_M565. you can refer my LCDConfig poster earlier.

      thank you