STM32 with SSD1963

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    • STM32 with SSD1963


      in the past i got a answer how to use STemwin with a SSD1963 controller.
      Now it was able for me to connect and control the SSD1963.

      Here my system
      -STM32F103VET6 (CZ miniSTM32F103V_-EX-Board)
      -TFT 7 Zoll with SSD1963
      -TFT connected over FSMC with 16 bit data and the control signals (REST, RS, CS, RD, WR) the MCU

      It was able for me to init (call the function "LCD_Init()" direct)
      and write in the memory (call the function "LCD_Fill(0xFFE0)" for yellow)
      of the SSD1963 to colored the whole screen in yellow color.
      ==> Connection should work.

      But is was not able for me to adapt STemwin in my system.
      I found out after call "GUI_Init();" the function "LCD_X_DisplayDriver" got only on call with the value "LCD_X_SETORG".
      No initialisation (LCD_X_INITCONTROLLER) of the tft ("LCD_Init()") is performed.
      The SysTick_Handler is called periodically.

      Maybe someone can give me a tip.



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