Fill circle with a border

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    • Fill circle with a border

      Is it possible? It seems GUI_SetPenSize() doesn't affect GUI_DrawCircle(), GUI_DrawEllipse() draws only the border without filling the inside and GUI_FillEllipse() fills the ellipse/circle without any border.

      I can't allocate a Memory Device, so I have flickering if I call GUI_FillCircle() two times.
    • Hi,

      I would have suggested to cal GUI_FillCircle() twice...

      You say you don't have enough memory for a memory device, but there are other ways (depending on the driver) which can be used. Unfortunately, these solution require some memory, too.

      Which driver are you using?

      With the GUIDRV_Lin you can use multi buffering (of course this requires a lot of memory).

      If you are using the GUIDRV_FlexColor driver you could use a cached version of the driver.

      Almost all the other driver offer a cahced version, too.

      If you are to short on RAM to use one of the solutions above you can still use a bitmap to draw such a circle/ellipse, but this will require some ROM. You might try different formats (use the Bitmap Converter to reduce the amount of colors) depending on your requirements.

    • If I'm not wrong, a Memory Device memory requirements are lighter than an entire data cache for the driver.

      I'm using FlexColor driver without cache.

      I know I can create a bitmap, however I don't have enough space in ROM too :(

      I think you should improve GUI_FillCircle(), maybe creating a new GUI_FillCircle_Ex(), that should take into account the pen size.