S3C6410 + SAMSUNG K9F1G08U0A & J-Flash

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  • S3C6410 + SAMSUNG K9F1G08U0A & J-Flash

    now I am using the S3C6410 and nand flash K9F1G08U0A. Using the nand IROM boot way.

    I can't find the flash cip supporting in the document. So can I use the J-Flash to burn the code to K9F1G08U0A?

    If not, what way do I use to burn code to nand flash?
  • Hi Mill,

    in general J-Flash supports programming
    of NAND/NOR/SPI-NOR/DataFlash flash devices.
    Since NAND flash connection differs from device to device,
    you will need a special RAMCode for your hardware to program the NAND flash via J-Flash.

    We can write such a RAMCode for you.
    For more information about requirements & pricing, please get in touch with sales@segger.com

    Best regards