how to know a window is created completely

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    • how to know a window is created completely

      I am creating a child window, and in call back function i am setting the background color for that.

      WM_PAINT is getting called twice in that case(I am assuming that it is because of default early clipping )
      but i want to know when the last WM_PAINT will get called to draw on that particular window.
      is there any API to know that. Please let me know.
    • Hi,

      Yes, this is related to early clipping.

      Unfortunately, you can't really know how often a WM_PAINT occurs, beacuse it can have several reasons like the number of child windows or if the child windows transparent or not.

      But, you can set the WM_CF_LATE_CLIP flag for a specific window. This causes the clipping to be done while inside WM_PAINT and the this message will occur only once. Unfortunately, this will have an impact on the performance.

      You can also react on WM_POST_PAINT which will be send to a window right after the last WM_PAINT.