Where do the fonts come from?

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    • Where do the fonts come from?

      I was able to establish that the GUI_FONT_13B_ASCII font is based on the TrueType Tahoma font. With Font Converter I verified the equality of about ten characters and numbers.
      I wonder which font the GUI_FONT_16B_ASCII is based on.

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    • I read thist post, but I'm puzzled.
      I tried to convert the Tahoma Bold 13 to a standard font (not extended). I attached the c file created (with txt extension). I then made a program to display the printable characters ASCII first with the embedded font 13B and then with the one I created. I have also attached those screenshot. If you see the result it is surprisingly identical. I find it hard to think that this is a coincidence. I am more inclined to think that Segger started from Tahoma to make his 13B font.
      Based on this hypothesis I assumed that Segger must have followed a similar path for the 16B font. Hence my question: on which font did Segger base his 16B?

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      • 13B.png

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      • Tahoma13B.png

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