[SOLVED] Autocomplete With the TAB key

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  • [SOLVED] Autocomplete With the TAB key

    This is somewhat of a general environment question. I'm quite used to using the TAB key to autocomplete on suggested code (like Visual Studio does with Intellisense and also like Keil uVision does).

    Is there a way to accomplish this using SES? I've tried looking into custom hotkeys and stuff but couldn't find anything. It seems like only the Enter or Return key accepts an autocomplete.

  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    Ctrl+J is the right default combination.
    Some Hotkeys are remappable.
    You can find the file to edit under File->Open Studio Folder->Studio Folder->/bin/keyboard.xml

    Before editing Embedded Studio must be closed and we suggest creating a backup of that file should editing go wrong.

    Best regards,
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  • Hey Guys,

    I believe CTRL+J brings up the code suggestions (intellisense). I've already remapped that to CTRL+SPACE as is common in many other environments.

    However, I'm hoping to map the selection of suggested code to the TAB key. Currently TAB will NOT select a code suggestion, it will just add a TAB in the editor. I have to hit Enter or Return in order to choose a code suggestion. In many other IDEs hitting TAB will select a code suggestion.

    I didn't see this as an option for remapping in the settings...so I presume this can't be modified then?

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