Virtual Screen API on STM32469I-DISCO

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    • Virtual Screen API on STM32469I-DISCO

      Hello all,

      I'am trying to use the virtual screen API on that board.
      Extended LCDConf.c to use 2 virtual screens (but only 1 Buffer, 1 Layer). But there is no result on GUI_SetOrg(0, 480). The first screen keeps displayed!?

    • Hi,

      I'm not sure why it is not working.

      Does the virtual screen gets initialized properly?

      in LCD_X_Config() you should have a call like this:

      C Source Code

      1. LCD_SetVSizeEx(0, XSIZE_0, YSIZE_0 * NUM_VSCREENS);

      Further your framebuffer should be large enough, but I don't think that this is the cause of this issue.

    • Hello again :)

      Looks like I'm the first one with this problem...

      OK. I'm talking about this example:

      ...using the AC6-Toolchain (no changes...). LCD_X_Config is being called with the expected values!

      - Changes in LCDConf_stm32469i_discovery.c:

      #define NUM_BUFFERS 1 /* Number of multiple buffers to be used */
      #define NUM_VSCREENS 2 /* Number of virtual screens to be used */

      - Changes in BASIC_HelloWorld.c:
      #define DISP_X 800
      #define DISP_Y 480

      volatile int hx;

      void MainTask(void) {
      GUI_DispStringAt("Virtual screen 1.4", DISP_X - 140, DISP_Y - 40);
      GUI_DispStringAt("Virtual screen 2.3", 20, DISP_Y + 20);
      GUI_SetOrg(0, DISP_Y);
      while(1) {

      Compiles, links, debugs without problem, but: The first screen keeps displayed!?

      Greetings Harry