[SOLVED] J-Scope: saving manual channel layout in config

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  • [SOLVED] J-Scope: saving manual channel layout in config


    in J-Scope I'm missing the feature that the manually set layout of the traces is saved in the config file, too.
    At start, Y Resolution and Offset is scaled automatically according to the data, which generally helps, but I'd like to store my manual settings for the Y Res. and Offset, too. E.g. if something crashes I have to manually restore the settings every time.
    Is there a way to make this easier?
  • Yes, I tested 5.10d and 6.11j.
    YOffset="..." and YResolution="..." are stored and initially restored on opening an exisiting project, as you wrote. But the problem is that the channels get autoscaled and Y-shifted again when I start sampling and my manual settings are not respected any more.
    I manually set the parameter IsAutoConfig="0" for all channels in the config file, but this does not help.
    Maybe the question has to be rephrased: Is it possible to turn off autoscaling?
  • Hi, thanks for your reply. I retested and attached the files:

    Setup: Win7Prof in Virtualbox on Fedora host, J-Link Edu, no issues with J-Scope or debugging
    Steps done:
    1) Created new project in J-Scope 6.11j.
    2) Started sampling, Y resolution and offset was adjusted automatically.
    3) Set Y resolution and Y offset, both for every channel, in the GUI, saved config to Test_01.jscope. (renamed later to Test_01.jscope.txt for upload)
    4) Closed J-Scope.
    5) Started J-Scope and loaded Test_01.jscope. The Y settings are as I set them manually before, see Test_01_opened.png.
    6) Started sampling, target is generating data.
    7) As soon as data comes in, J-Scope autoscales, see Test_01_StartedSampling.png
    It does not matter if first sampling in J-Scope is started and then the target starts sending data or vice versa, the behaviour is the same.
    • Test_01_opened.png

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    • Test_01_StartedSampling.png

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  • Hi,

    using RTT the channels are reset to default values on every start of a sampling session.
    I tried using HSS, which behaves different and keeps the scaling values for future sessions.

    I will put this on the feature request list, currently there is no way to keep the scaling values for RTT sessions.

    Best regards,