[Multi touch] GUI_MTOUCH_StoreEvent() causing Hard Fault

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    • [Multi touch] GUI_MTOUCH_StoreEvent() causing Hard Fault

      Hi Segger Community,

      In my GUI, i'm trying to navigate between windows using gestures.

      • WINDOW 1 => BUTTON PRESS => WINDOW 2 => SWIPE RIGHT (pan gesture) => WINDOW 1

      In my understanding, gestures are managed by the multitouch module.
      Unfortunately there is no informations nor examples on how to implement the function GUI_MTOUCH_StoreEvent()
      My guess is that this function need to be implemented in the same place than the GUI_TOUCH_StoreState(), aka inside the touch controller function.

      but when i call the GUI_MTOUCH_StoreEvent() function, the system goes in hardfault

      here is my code (interruption coming from the touchscreen controller when a touch is detected)
      [C]void HAL_GPIO_EXTI_Callback(uint16_t GPIO_Pin)
      GUI_MTOUCH_EVENT pEvent;
      GUI_MTOUCH_INPUT pInput[2];

      if(GPIO_Pin == GPIO_PIN_15) /* if interrupt is from touchscreen */

      pEvent.TimeStamp = GUI_GetTime();

      pInput[0].Id = 0;
      pInput[0].Flags = GUI_MTOUCH_FLAG_DOWN;
      pInput[1].Id = 1;
      pInput[1].Flags = GUI_MTOUCH_FLAG_DOWN;

      GUI_TOUCH_StoreState(pInput[0].x, pInput[0].y);

      also, GUI_MTOUCH_Enable(1) & WM_GESTURE_Enable(1) are enabled right after GUI_Init()

      i'm using the STemWin lib 5.40 given by STMicroelectronics on a STM32L486 target

      Do you have any example on how to implement this function and use a swipe gesture to navigate trough screens ?

      best regards,

    • Hi,

      Thank you very much Schoenen,

      i am now able to use the function GUI_MTOUCH_StoreEvent() and run the MTOUCH_ScratchAndGesture.c demo on my board.
      I was missing the whole "create_inputs" handeling

      i also had to add WM_SetCreateFlags(WM_CF_GESTURE); to my code to make my dialogs able to react on gestures;

      I am encounting a new problem now :

      i want to be able to detect a swipe gesture from left to right (using WM_GF_PAN i guess)

      This bit of code is working : i can switch screens using gestures

      C Source Code

      1. case WM_GESTURE:
      2. pGestureInfo = (WM_GESTURE_INFO *)pMsg->Data.p;
      3. switch (pGestureInfo->Flags) {
      4. case WM_GF_PAN:
      5. if(pGestureInfo->Point.x > SWIPE_SENSITIVITY) /* swipe LtoR O----> */
      6. {
      7. WM_HideWindow(pMsg->hWin); /* hide current window */
      8. WM_ShowWindow(hHour_Window);
      9. }
      10. else if(pGestureInfo->Point.x < -SWIPE_SENSITIVITY) /* swipe RtoL <----O */
      11. {
      12. }
      13. WM_InvalidateWindow(pMsg->hWin);
      14. break;
      15. }
      16. break;
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      But if there is some buttons on my window and i start my gesture on the same position of a button,
      The WM responds to both pan gesture (WM_GF_PAN) and button release (WM_NOTIFICATION_RELEASED) while i only wanted to swipe

      In other words, If i tap on a button and slide my finger outside that button, it is considered as a button release (WM_NOTIFICATION_RELEASED) and not a moved out (WM_NOTIFICATION_MOVED_OUT)

      I tried to add BUTTON_SetReactOnLevel() with no differences

      Is there a way to avoid the button widget sending a WM_NOTIFICATION_RELEASED when a swipe gesture is made from any point of the window (including starting from the button position) ?

      A bit like when you swipe yout finger on your smartphone homescreen it doesn't launch apps but change the page

      Best regards,