multilayers only visible in composite view not in display

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    • multilayers only visible in composite view not in display


      I need some help in right using emWin with multilayer technic.
      I'm working with LPCXpresso V8.1.4 and emWin V8.22 on a custom board with a LPC1857 and a TM070RBH10-41 LCD
      emWin is running fine with a single layer. Now I want to use 6 additional multilayers. I try my changes in the simulator and have problem that the result is not what I want.
      When I look with emWin View every layer contains the right picture. The composite LCD exactly shows what I want, but the finish simulation only shows layer 0. I do not understand what is going wrong.
      Actually I thought the " composite view" should show the contents of the display?
      Why are "composite view" and the result display different?

    • Hi,

      The composite view should show all layers mixed together.

      Also there are different settings for the simulation how to show a multiple layer set up. This can be some sort of a simulated device or a simple Windows window showing all the single layers and one composite view. What is shown depends on how the simulation is configured.

      Attached is an example for a multi layer set up for the simulation. You might want to play around with the configurations in the file SIMConf.c.

    • multilayers only visible in composite view not in display


      thank for your relpy and help.

      I have download the "emWin Simulation & Trial version" and study the examples in the simulation. Based on the example MULTILAYER_WinterAnimation I wrote the code for my application (the PictureViewer example does not running, because there is no file "GUIDRV_Null.h" found).
      In the simulation my application is running right in the composite view but not in the display of the simulation. In the display of the simulation only layer 0 is visible, regardless of which other layer I set to visible.
      There is no mix of the layers!
      In the attachment you can see a snippet of the LCDConf.c file. In the application I use a scrollbar to set additional layers (>0) to visible, but no effect.

      Do you have any idee what's going wrong?

      Best regards