Reading Multiedit text data via pointer

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    • Reading Multiedit text data via pointer


      We are using multiedit as a text editor to read long files. When saving the data back to the file I have to first copy the text data using MULTIEDIT_GetText which wastes memory and a lot of time if the file is big then I dont have enough memory to copy this data to another variable.

      Would like to see how I can use a pointer to directly access this data and save it without using MULTIEDIT_GetText.

    • Hi,

      I'm afraid but this is not possible right now. There is no way to get a pointer to the memory address of the text from outside the emWin library.

      Since we think that this would be a useful enhancement for the MULTIEDIT widget, we will add such a function for the MULTIEDIT widget in the future. But I can not say when this will happen and how long it will take for the silicon vendors to release this version.

      If you buy a source code upgrade of emWin we could implement this function directly and you could get a upgrade directly from us.…win/emwin-source-upgrade/