[SOLVED] C++, newlib-nano STL, and nRF52

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  • [SOLVED] C++, newlib-nano STL, and nRF52

    I am attempting to refactor an existing C++ project into Segger Embedded Studio, but STLport does not have all the STL components that I need, so I am trying to get a Segger Embedded Studio project to work with newlib-nano.

    I created a blank project using the nRF C/C++ template and an empty cpp file. When I add “include <vectors>” it will fail since these are not included in STLport. All I should need to do is use the newlib-nano from external ARM GCC libraries. However, so far I have been unsuccessful in using the external STL libraries.

    I am trying to use gcc-arm-none-eabi-7-2017-q4-major and an nRF52832_xxAA processor.

    I have tried changing the standard libraries path, using the external build commands, among other things.

    Does anyone have a walkthrough for adding newlib-nano to a Segger Embedded Studio project or know what settings I may be missing to get the newlib-nano to work with my project?
  • Hello,

    Generally Embedded Studio offers the user to use any standard library they want.
    First disable the use of Embedded Studio standard libraries in project options under Library->Include Standard Libraries->No
    To add your library go to project options Linker->Additional Input Files and add your newlib directory there.
    Now try to rebuild your project and you should be good to go.

    Best regards,
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