Watch running application (Target Hardware) on the PC

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    • Watch running application (Target Hardware) on the PC

      Dear emWin-users,

      I would like to ask you for some help regarding the "live stream" of an existing application (Target hardware) on the PC.
      During the past several months I have developed a quite interesting application for my end, did this also as an .exe for "stand alone" PC application (emwin Simulation) via Visual Studio.
      I always wanted to go deeper to the thema: Live Stream ... is there a way to stream on the PC respectively to control via mouse etc. ( VNC is probably needed...).
      Could you just write the needed points or just provide me some details how the procedure is... some examples or smth.. or just the points one after another.
      Thank you in advance! I would really appreciate it

    • Hi,

      to live stream the content of the display I would recommend to use VNC. This is probably all you need (content of the display and you can control it via your mouse from PC side). This would also you to stream the content of a target which not even has a display mounted. You just need a framebuffer which can read and written by emWin.

      Which hardware are you using?
      You might want to take a look on our website mabye you will find a project which already includes anything you need. For exampel for the STM2F746 Discovery board, this project contains a lot of our middleware and there is not much you have to do to get VNC running (scroll down a bit to the STM32F746 Disco):

      Not sure if you are doing this in a commercial context, but if this is just your hobby you can get our software for free without any trial limitations.

    • Hello Sven,

      thank you again for your response.
      I am sorry for the delay, the last 3 weeks I had to do something else related to my work.
      MCU is from the STM32F4 series (STM32F429 to be exact). Is there some example of setting a VNC for live stream on PC and control from it? Or just to tell me where to find another example for another MCU and try to modify it ?
      I would really appreciate it...

      Thank you ,Sven

    • Dear emWin-support,

      I would like to ask you again for some help.

      In the Win32-simulation environment I do not have any problems with VNC, means my .exe application from Visual Studio (Simulation) works fine over VNC (localhost).
      I have now done some changes in my application of my end, but I am still not able to establish a successful Virtual Network Communication over an IP.
      I have a STM32F429 MCU with an external 5" display. As I understand I first have to make sure that a TCP/IP stack is present.
      Programming/Debugging is made through a ST-Link/V2.

      Can you help me with some advices - where to find an appropriate example for f429 VNC or just list the points what I should do?

      I will really appreciate it...
      thank you in advance