[SOLVED] Folder refresh or sync

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  • [SOLVED] Folder refresh or sync

    Is there a way to set folder to sync or refresh with filesystem periodically?

    E.g. : "Output Files" folder may say have a hex file in it. If i delete it on the filesystem, that folder in SES still has it, and double clicking on it generates an error but does not remove the artifact.

    I see no folder refresh or reload, or file reload. (Eclipse has Refresh / F5 quite handy for this ..)
  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    A similar feature is already available with the project reload function.
    You can access it e.g. under Project->Reload Projectname

    This will however only work for some file types e.g. .elf files that have been removed from the output folder.
    We will expand the functionality of this reload to include more file types and paths.

    Best regards,
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